Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Won!

And I didn't even know I was in a contest! Carrie over at Knit-Whit wanted opinions on what color of yarn to make mittens out of, so I threw mine in (I'm good at that, just ask my husband!). She ignored all of the good opinions, a lot like my husband does ;) and went for a completely different yarn. So she decided to give away some yarn, and I won!! I got to pick one of the original choices of yarn, and I picked the yarn dyed with strawberry kool-aid. Such a nice color, I can't wait to get it and decide what to make. I don't think I will go with mittens, I'm more of a glove kind of person. Maybe a hat, I'll have to look for a cool pattern. Thanks Carrie!!!!

In other knitting news, I made it to Yarn Cafe's sale this weekend. I picked up some beautiful black Alpaca yarn to make a hat out of. In between this hat, Shedir and maybe a pink hat I should have plenty of hats to make it through the winter. I also picked up some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, and I haven't even finished my first pair of socks yet! Now that I am free to knit things for myself I have been too distracted to focus on just one thing.

I finished my Two Color Brioche Stitch Scarf, pictures will be coming soon. I really like it. I think I am going to block it to be a little bit wider, but I love the color combination. This scarf is one reason I picked up the black Alpaca yarn. I need a hat to go with the cool scarf! I also ripped back Shedir to the ribbing and redid the increase. I purled into the back of the stitch this time and there is still a little hole, but it looks so much better. I am really enjoying the cables, but I can't imagine doing a whole sweater of these tiny cables! I also started the second sock for the sock I finished back in April. I needed something simple to knit on the drive back home for Thanksgiving.

I think I am going to put off getting the yarn for the sweater I want to knit. I want to give my skills a chance to get a little better, plus I am losing weight and I want this sweater to be something I wear for years. Not something I wear for a little while and then is too big. There could be worse reasons to put off knitting something!


  1. Thanks for the kind comment. Please pray for the family on Thursday, that's when the service for Isaiah is.

  2. You're welcome! I put your yarn in the mail this morning.