Thursday, April 28, 2005

Knitting Backlog

I have gotten quite a bit done lately, but no pictures to show you guys! This post is FULL of pictures. I made them smaller than last time, so hopefully it will load quickly.

First of all, my first sock! I have yet to cast on for the second sock, too many baby blankets with deadlines.

I finally got the yarn and colors for my sister's baby blanket. I originally had a brown in there, but it just didn't go. So I replaced it with the brighter red.

And here is the first strip of the blanket. I'm actually done with it now, but I'm too lazy to take a picture.

No pictures of the sister-in-law's blanket. It looks just like the other one. While I was out looking for the yarn for the blanket I ran across some yarn I just couldn't leave at the store. I found the yarn I was supposed to make that bag out of (Alpaca and silk, soft!), but couldn't find in Kansas City. I bought pink and blue thinking I could use them for baby shower gifts and put a small gift inside. I should have also picked up green in case I don't know if the baby is a boy or girl. I also picked up some Cascade 220 to make a hat for myself. I'm trying to prepare for the Minnesota winter! But I may need it sooner than I thought, it snowed yesterday! My dog was very curious about the yarn.

And just because I like you guys, a bonus picture of my dog, Maggie. She loves to "suntan" as we call it.

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  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Nah, Rebecca, you don't want to be me, you will make a much better you when you grow up. What pattern is the baby blanket? Your own design? Do you seam up strips for a block design. Can't wait to see it when it gets done.