Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I thought I was feeling better and felt stupid for going to the Dr on Monday, but it is a good thing I did. The nausea is much better, just a low level that I can ignore if I keep busy, but other systems aren't doing so well. I'm trying to be discrete here because I realize not everyone is as comfortable as I am about discussing poop. The Dr is still mystified about what is going on, but they are running some tests on some "samples" (sorry!). What concerns me is if nothing turns up in these tests then the Dr said we would get more "creative" about finding out what is going on. I am very afraid of what "creative" means!

On the good side, while I feel yucky, I am losing weight like crazy! Three pounds in 5 days! I am considering asking the Dr to not fix this until I hit my goal weight, kidding! But I am letting this thing keeping me from exercising, which isn't good. I feel just fine in the morning, it is the afternoons that are bad, so I have no excuse to get out of bed and go workout. I'm just being a bit of a wimp. I really need to watch what I eat and exercise during the holidays or I could undo all the good I have done in the past few months. I am enjoying my new figure and I can't wait to fit into smaller sizes.

I hope the Dr can get this figured out before I have to make the 12 hour drive home (one way) for Thanksgiving or that will be a very unpleasant drive!


  1. Sorry to hear it isn't known yet. Just try to eat well and avoid trigger foods if you can. Prayers for you are winging to heaven.

  2. Yeah, the rapid weight loss is kinda scary. I hope its just a food allergy or intolerance or something.

    And uh, "creative" usually means getting out the periscope.