Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Audrey and I went camping this past weekend. Not exactly the smartest thing to do when it is supposed to be 105 degrees and we just have a tent. I had been thinking about taking a quick camping trip just to see I could handle it with just Audrey and I. The last three trips I took were with a friend of mine and we collaborated on the stuff to bring and chores around the campsite. What finally made me decide to go is that out of the blue Audrey asked to go camping.

I learned a few lessons and Audrey had a great time. That is what was most important to me. With it being so hot we spent a lot of time at the swimming area and I was treated to a spa mud scrub by the cutest masseuse.

We burnt roasted hotdogs over the fire and the marshmallows were so soft from the heat that they barely needed to be toasted before they were perfect for smores. I'll probably wait until it cools off before I take another camping trip, but now I know that I can manage by myself!

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  1. I'm so impressed you took her camping, and it sounds like it went great!