Thursday, February 16, 2012

Road trip

Audrey and I took two massive road trips in January. Both were to Holly Springs, MS. We met her dad there so that she could have some time with him. Since he only gave me five days notice before the first trip I didn't have much time to plan any side trips. We did find a good park just off Interstate 40 east of Little Rock, but had to bypass some national historical sites because of lack of time. My biggest disappointment on the first trip was that we crossed the Mississippi in the dark so Audrey couldn't see it. I did tell her that we were crossing it and she said "The Mississippi River is the best river in the world!" I think she was a bit punchy after being on the road for 12 hours! Lol

So when I picked her up two weeks later I was determined to spend some time along the Mississippi River. We found a small park just south of downtown Memphis and even though the day was foggy I think we all enjoyed the side trip. Mom came with me on this trip and it was great to have so much time to chat. While we were in the park Audrey insisted that she wanted to take some pictures. I think she did pretty well for a four year old!
A view of the river

The monument at the park. Those houses were massive!

Mom and me. So nice to be in the pictures for a change!

I think she was trying for an artistic self portrait!

When the weather warms up I'd love to take Audrey back to Memphis and explore some of the sights.

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