Monday, July 28, 2008

Sock Backlog

I love socks. I always have a pair (or two) on the needles. But I don't like to do fancy patterns. Toe up stockinette socks for me baby! So here are some socks that I have completed over the past year or so. Yes, I am a bad blogger. And please ignore the bad pictures. It was either these or nothing.

These are my thick socks [r] done in 1824 wool. They are very cushy, but the yarn got weird on me. I think I washed them wrong. I like to wear them around the house when my feet are cold. They are a bit too thick for regular shoes.

My Socks

These are my Mexico Socks. [r] I started them before I was pregnant, and finished the first one after my feet started swelling. I tried it on and almost started crying because it didn't fit. Luckily I realized my feet were the problem, not the sock, before I ripped. I also used these to get the perfect fit for my feet. The second sock has 4 fewer stitches and 5 fewer rows in the foot. The difference isn't enough to really notice once I have worn them for a while, but I found overall I like the smaller sock.

Mexico Socks

I call these my Jewel Socks. [r] I love the way the Lorna's Laces is striping. So pretty! I am almost done with the first one and into the foot on the second one. Hopefully I can get a better picture once they are done.


After I finish the first Jewel Sock I will cast on for my mom's socks. I got her to pick some yarn out of my stash when she visited a few weeks ago. I really need to work through my stash before buying any more sock yarn!

Messed up the scheduling on this one, so lucky you! Two posts in one day!

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