Saturday, June 28, 2008


When we bought our house a couple years ago the basement was basically unfinished. The full bathroom was done and the framing and electrical was in, but nothing else. We then entered into negotiations as to what use the rooms were going to be put to. We knew we wanted to keep one as a guest room, and one as an office. Both my husband and I wanted some space of our own as well. So it was decided that hubby would get the office to do what he wanted to, if I got this little nook off of the basement living area.


As you can see it isn't even close to being finished. We decided to finish the guest bed and office first, and that was a smart decision. We barely got them finished before Audrey came. And they still have some finishing touches to be completed. But in anticipation of my craft area I asked my grandpa to make me some storage. We sat down and dreamed up this.


It is kind of hard to get some perspective on how tall this is, but I am 5' 5" and I can just barely peek into the top smallest drawers. The bottom drawer is almost 12 inches deep! I love this thing. I do feel bad that all my stash and craft stuff do not fit in this, and that is part of what prompted this organization kick that I am on. Right now this is living in the guest bedroom with a TV on top, but I can't wait until my "craft nook" is done so I can move it there. But considering how many other things we have to do I may be waiting for a while!

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  1. I love that cabinet! How perfect.