Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Project Spectrum Catch Up

This is the reason why I don't join knit-a-longs. I never do things on time. Procrastination is my worst fault. Also I said I would get pictures of the house on here, but I didn't want to have it sound like I was just bragging "Look at my wonderful house!" So I have draped my knitting around the house for a massive update/house photo shoot.

March Project Spectrum's color was red/pink. I haven't even started my needle case, but hope to do that this weekend. Here is the first sleeve for my hourglass sweater. It is draped across the rack on my kitchen wall. Everything on the rack is from Ikea, except for the tea in spice rack thing. You can also see the blue color on the wall, which I LOVE. There is a little story about that color that I will have to tell later.

Sleeve in Kitchen

Here is the back and one sleeve for the sweater for my brother's baby. It is the Debbie Bliss Baby Bolero in Rose Baby Cashmerino. It is draped over my new coffee table with a view of the new couch and new leather recliner. You can also see the stairwell from the entry way up to the living area. The color on these walls is actually a little darker in real life and it has the virtue of being the only one of the colors that has never been changed from when we first picked out colors. I like the pattern for the sweater. It is a little more fashionable than some baby sweaters which my SIL will like. And I really like the darker pink, I'm not a big fan of pastel colors.

Baby Sweater in Living Room

April was Yellow/Orange. Now I'm not a big yellow or orange person, so I didn't knit anything in those colors. So I ran around the house grabbing everything I could find that was yellow or orange. This is all I could find, but I later I did find a yellow measuring tape. I'm just not that into yellow.


May is Green! This past weekend I went to Yarnover. I didn't take any classes, but I did go to the Market and met Renee from A Good Yarn during her lunch break. She was as sweet as I thought she would be. We walked around the market talking about yarn and stuff. It was so great to not walk around by myself. Thanks Renee, I had a great time! I was very tempted by a couple bags I saw, I really do need a knitting bag, but I had to have this Euroflax yarn for another hand towel for the bathroom. It is pictured here lounging on the seat in our shower. The round stone tile is repeated on the floor as well. It was a huge selling point for the house!

Green in Bathroom

So that was a mini tour of my house and a Project Spectrum catch up. I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Your house looks beautiful!! And thanks for the very nice words - I can't believe we both ended up buying Linen yarn. Of course, the lady I bought from said she thinks Linen is very "in" because they sold a ton of it on Saturday. We are so cool!

  2. Thanks for the mini-tour, I somehow missed Yarnover...where have I been???

  3. Pretty green yarn -- I've seen references to 'Euroflax' all over, but never seen a hank before!

    It is so shiny (and your bathroom counter/ledge? is beautiful too!)