Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Duck Crossing

My mom came up to visit this past weekend and we had a great visit. We got tons of shopping done, both for clothes for each of us and stuff for the house. It was wonderful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and she had some great ideas for the house as well. We spent all day Saturday at the Mall of America and Ikea. We were exhausted by the end of the day! I have a great relationship with my mom and it is kind of hard being 11 hours away from her. Especially when I think of when it comes time for me to have kids. My sister and her family live only an hour and a half away from mom and dad and I know my kids won't have the same relationship with their grandma and grandpa as my sister's kids do. It is hard, but I know God has us exactly where we need to be right now, so it will all work out.

We had a little bit of a surprise this weekend. While walking the dog mom joined me and we started talking about what types of trees we have in the yard. (We have one willow, one birch, one pine, three maples and two as yet undetermined, just in case you wanted to know) So we were walking into a section of the yard I don't normally take Maggie and she started sniffing at some of the bushes. I tried to pull her away, but she persisted and since I was talking to mom I let her sniff. All of a sudden this duck flew out at us! Actually, directly at mom who doesn't like ducks! We tried to shoo it away, but it wouldn't move. That made me think that it had a nest in the bushes. Especially because there is a pond right across the street that has very little ground cover around it for hiding a nest. I went back later and sure enough there she was sitting on her nest behind the bushes. I had to get very close to see her and I am very surprised she let me. She did move a little when I got too close and I saw a few eggs, but I didn't snap a picture quick enough. Does anyone know what type of duck this is? I tried looking online, but most female ducks look the same to me!
Where-she-is From-the-Top

I e-mailed the pictures to my husband and he thinks we should put up a duck crossing sign after the eggs hatch. I would hate to have a duckling run over while she was trying to get them to the water.


  1. Definitely do. We have geese that come into our neighborhood from a pond across the street. One adult was hit recently. It's mate was on the side of the road crying. So sad.

  2. A duck crossing sign would be so cute! I noticed the beginnings of a robin's nest on top of the light fixture under the eaves on the back of my house today, but I took it down. I really don't want a bird's nest right next to my door.

    Anyway, since it seems like it's going to be good duck weather all weekend, I'll be wearing my bright green trench coat at Yarnover tomorrow.