Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back to Normal

My husband got back into town Friday night! It is so good to have him home. I know he is glad to be home because I tried to get him to relax on Saturday (he had just driven from the coast of Georgia in a day and a half!) but he was raring to go on the house! I think we had about a couple hours of laziness before we got to work. It is so much fun to see him this excited about the house. I have to remember that he only had a week in the house before he left, so this is all still new to him.

He brought me back a wonderful treat from Savannah, Old Bay Peanuts, peanuts seasoned with Old Bay Crab Seasoning. Last time he was down there I got to visit and found these peanuts in a shop in Savannah. They are so good! Spicy without being too spicy, just how I like it. He was so sweet to remember them.

I think my knitting is starting to intrigue him. Last night I had to frog one of the sleeves for the Baby Bolero (I could not figure out what I had done wrong, but one was bigger than the other one) so I had him hold on to it while I was frogging it. When I looked over he was fascinated by the sleeve unraveling, it was so cute!

It is funny how spending time apart affects our relationship. I miss him so much while he is gone, but when he gets back the little things I didn't have to deal with (toilet seat up, clutter) really get on my nerves. I just have to remind myself that it isn't a big deal and just breath. We are still in that "getting to know you again" stage, which is kind of fun. He has new stories and things to tell me. It brings back that time when we first met, when I was finding out what a great guy he is. Holding hands is fun again. I used to wonder how people could stay together for 40 years or more, now I know how. People change and it is fun to get to know them all over again.

I didn't mean to turn this into a mushy post about my husband, oh well. Next time I'll have more pictures of green things for Project Spectrum.


  1. Hi! This is Maura from KnitTunes.
    Your post made me nod my head and laugh!

    You see, when we moved to Japan, my husband wasn't able to travel with me. Instead, he arrived about a month after me.

    For a little while it was interesting to play tour guide and show him around. After that... it quickly felt like he was invading MY space. Afterall, It was My apartment. It was full of MY stuff. Having him there was great, but it took a while to adjust again.

    It was especially hard because he was Jet lagged and overwhelmed. I'd gone through this all a month earlier and had adjusted. I was ready for him to just get over it! It also didn't help that my Japanese was much better and that I'd learned so much in the course of a month. He just wanted to lean on me and let me do everything. Obviously that didn't work...

    2 years later, and now he's teachiing me things :)

    Being married is good. This year is our 7th wedding anniversary.

    who's glad you like knittunes!

  2. That's so neat. We just had a lot of fun getting away by ourselves. Lead to lots of good down time, no games to run to, no school work, no fights between girls, just each other.
    BTW you are the 2nd place winner in the squares contest. I will get your address to Nanette so she can mail your book to you. Look for my hands in the book.

  3. I thought I had the snail address for you, but I lost it. Can you send it to me
    chrisknitz at insightbb dot com. Thanks!