Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something has eaten my brain!

I think it is called MY JOB! I don't want to get into specifics, but there is a portion of my job that requires a ton of writing. And not just regular writing, but the type of writing where people argue over one stinking word! And about 5 different people have to agree on this stupid thing, and they all have a higher position than mine. So I am the one stuck making all the changes.

Plus, I HATE TO WRITE! I am not good at it and I know it. Give me a spreadsheet with tons of data and figures and I will get your results in an instant, but ask me to write up what that all means, nope I don't think so.

Therefore, buy the time I get a moment to write in the blog, my brain is so fried that I can't stand typing a single word (and I have a lot to tell!). So until I have recovered, I will leave you with this beautiful picture of my birch tree with its leaves just budding.


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