Saturday, November 12, 2005

Getting new yarn is so much fun, especially when it is free! I got Carrie's yarn this week and it is beautiful. My dog must think so too, because she just had to get next to it.


Carrie sent a long a little surprise with the yarn, stitch markers! I don't have any pretty stitch markers, just the little blue and red plastic circles, so I immediately used one for Shedir.


That is also the first pattern repeat of the hat. I really like this pattern.

Here are the other three she sent. Aren't they cute!


I am going to enjoy using them. I also promised pictures of the new yarn I bought last weekend. The black yarn is 100% Alpaca and is so soft. As soon as I finish Shedir I am going to make a hat out of this. The other yarn is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Northern Lights. I wanted something I could wear with my black clogs, and I fell in love with the purples and greens in this yarn.


I heard from the Dr yesterday. My tests came back completely normal. I feel fine now, so hopefully my body was able to fight whatever it is that I had and I won't get sick again. Next time, pictures of the completed two color brioche stitch scarf!

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  1. Your dog is A-dor-A-BLE! Since Casey probably put his nose on that skein at least once, it probably appeals to your pooch. Glad you love the stitch markers and I'm glad you're feeling better!

    Have a great week!