Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two Color Brioche Stitch Scarf

Edit: The pattern for this scarf can be found here.

If you couldn't tell, I've been gone for a while. Because my husband is the low man on the totem poll we had to take time off for Thanksgiving a week early. We had a great visit with both our families and I have lots of stories(with pictures) to tell. I'm not feeling well again, and the Dr is still mystified, so I am going to a specialist in two weeks. Until then I am going to keep track of everything I eat, when I don't feel good and the state of my BMs. Maybe the specialist can see a pattern I don't, there is a reason why it takes so much school to be a Dr! But now on to the knitting.

I first saw a Two Color Brioche Stitch Scarf at this blog. So I visited Borealis Yarns and asked about it. Imagine my surprise that they knew what I was talking about and even had a free pattern with the purchase of the yarn. The pattern was a little confusing because I was unfamiliar with Brioche Stitch, but I had a copy of the Spring 2005 Interweave Knits that included a how to on Brioche Stitch and from there I was able to figure out how to do Two Color Brioche Stitch. The yarn I used was Mandalay Silk (the black yarn) and Noro Silk Garden (the variegated yarn)


The scarf is actually much longer, I had to fold over the top to get it all in the picture. I blocked it out wider (to 4.5 inches) hoping to make the length a little shorter, but somehow it ended up being longer than before blocking! I'm not too worried about it. I used all the Mandalay Silk, and I didn't really like the color of the Noro that I had left over, so that didn't bother me.

The pattern was hard for me to follow until I figured out the "trick" to it. When knitting on this side


you knit with the Mandalay/black yarn and purl with the Noro/variegated yarn.

When knitting on this side


you purl with the Mandalay/black yarn and knit with the Noro/variegated yarn.

The above close ups are my favorite sections of the scarf. I really enjoyed knitting this, but if I made a mistake it was so hard to fix it! I doubt I'll ever do much in brioche stitch. I have gotten a couple compliments on this scarf and it looks very nice with my black leather jacket. Too bad it has gotten too cold to wear my leather jacket! Oh well, I'll use next spring.


  1. I am so glad to know the Interweave article helped. It was written by a friend of mine. She is amazing! I love the scarf, hmmm, maybe I need to do one of those.
    Happy Thanksgiving, hope you find out what's going on soon.

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Your scarf is lovely. Don't you love trying something new!
    I hope you feel better soon. It's too bad they can't figure it out.


  3. Sunday1:28 AM

    Hi Rebecca

    I am dying to know that brioche stitch! Please tell us how to do it :-) Plssssssssssssssssssss :((

  4. Sunday2:10 AM

    Hi again Rebecca,

    Pls, pls tell us. How did you do Two Color Brioche Stitch Scarf.
    :((((( l want to know that.

  5. Daphne Sullivan4:39 PM

    I am knitting a scarf in Brioche stitch. It only takes to skeins of yarn. I was almost finished with my first skein and then a MISTAKE! I have tried to fix it and I'm so fustrated! I can't get it fixed....any input will be appreciated!

  6. sheila9:10 PM

    i love the look of the two color scarf. i am sooooo soooooo soooo frustrated. i like to watch how people do it, but youtube doesn't explain from the beginning to end. i am printing the instructions now and pray that i can follow it and it will work. thank you for having a pattern that i think i can follow and i encourage you to continue to post more patterns. :):)

  7. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Hello, Your scarf is just beautiful, what size needle did you use and what weight yarn? also is knitting the last stc. will it have the same look as the salvage edge? Thank you for sharing your pattern
    Best Regards.