Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day! Mine was good, hubby had to work, but I had the day off so I relaxed and then fixed our Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out fabulous! Except that the turkey breast was raw in the middle and we had to nuke it. I was so embarrassed. It wouldn't have been too bad, but hubby invited a co-worker over at the last minute (couple of hours before dinner). I had plenty of food, but the house was a wreck! But the dinner went over well and the guest was duly impressed by me making everything from scratch (except for the candied yams, yuck!) and heaped many compliments upon my glorious cooking! He also earned points by brining the entire Star Wars series on DVD and getting my husband to watch the first one! Plus he left them so I can have a Star Wars Marathon after I take the 3rd part of the CPA exam on Monday, which I am so not prepared for. Can we say cramming session scheduled for this weekend?

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and wasn't stupid like me and actually took the day after Thanksgiving off work. I won't make that mistake again! Have a good weekend!


  1. Yeah, raw turkey is not so good. Although, those damn pop-up timer things never work for me. If I wait for them, the turkey gets to 190F and dries out terribly.

    A pretty busy weekend to prepare for an exam. Hopefully you didn't need to do any shopping. Good luck with your exam!

  2. I took Thanksgiving off, ended up sick. I missed all the celebrations with the family, but it was a restful day for me. Good luck on the exam!