Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Plan of Attack

I haven't wanted to write about this in case I jinxed it, but I have been getting up at 6 AM to go to the gym. I haven't done it every day, but I managed 3 days last week and so far, one day this week. The biggest accomplishment isn't working out, but getting out of bed at 6 AM! Basically I have just been forcing myself to go to the YMCA and workout. My weight loss was starting to slow down a little, and I am trying to kick it into high gear.

But I am starting to feel like I need some sort of a plan. I don't want anything too strict and I want to work back into running. I tried to run about a month ago, but my left knee hurt so much afterwards that I haven't tried again. I need to focus on strengthening my legs and the knee exercises my Dr gave me. So that means actually doing the knee exercises, some weights and regular cardio.

I think for right now I am going to continue with the cardio and add the knee exercises. I'll add the weights (which I hate) later. I'm not going to try to run right now. I'm just going to focus on doing some kind of cardio every day, whether it is walking, elliptical, biking or swimming. I just need to do something.

So that is my plan. Hopefully it won't get derailed by how I have been feeling lately. For about the past week I have been feeling nauseous off and on. No, I'm not pregnant. And there is another symptom you don't want to hear about. I went to the Dr. last friday and he was mystified. He ran a blood test and it came back normal. He told me it would probably get better on it's own, but so far it hasn't. Some days are better than others, and it mostly hits me in the afternoon. Eating something doesn't help. For some reason drinking very cold water helps some. If this thing isn't gone by Friday I'm going back to the Dr.


  1. Hope you find a reason and a cure for it. Take care of yourself!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. There's nothing worse than feeling like crap, and not being able to put a name to the problem.