Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One Down!

Three more to go! I sat for the first section of the CPA exam, Audit, yesterday. I think it went ok. I don't want to say that I definitely passed, but I would be very surprised (and upset) if I did not pass. I was able to study every night the week before the test because I was stuck in a Hotel room while traveling for work. Then hubby had a 4 day weekend so he went to Oklahoma to visit his family and so he wouldn't distract me while studying. I was a little upset that he wouldn't be there Monday morning when I went to take the test, but he left me a bouquet of flowers with a lovely note and a message on the fridge in magnet letters. He is so sweet!

I called him right before I left the house and we prayed together. I found out later that my mom had been up since 6 AM her time (she is in California for a Pastor's wives conference) praying for me. And she is not a morning person. I have such a wonderful family.

Work has been crazy. I've been traveling a lot and it doesn't look like it will be ending any time soon. The only advantage to traveling is the extra perdiem I rake in! More money for yarn! Plus being stuck in a hotel room at night gives me more time to study if I can manage to keep the TV off. It is amazing how that thing can suck you in even when nothing is on. I take the next part of the CPA exam, Regulation, October 21st. Next time, pictures!


  1. Good luck, I hope you hear good news soon! Too bad you can't use the hotel time for knitting!

  2. Good job, Rebecca! I know you did well.

    And that TV is just the monster in hotel rooms. Nothing to do, and that giant thing is staring at you no matter where you go in the room!