Monday, September 19, 2005

Playing Catch Up

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. I had thought of a couple entries to write, but never got around to it, or they ended up seeming way too personal. I can tell I haven't done much writing in my paper journal because I have way too many "issues" in my head that are bugging me. And I've got way too much going on to spend much time here either, so I just do a quick run down.

My brother's wedding was wonderful. I realized how much I miss my family, and how hard it is going to be to not be able to see them as often as I want. Because of hubby's job we won't get to see family for Christmas and maybe not even for Thanksgiving. On the drive back through Iowa we stopped in Madison County and saw a couple of the covered bridges and John Wayne's birthplace. They had the cheesiest conversion van with murals of John Wayne on each side! Pictures to come!

My friend from Kansas City visited last weekend and it was so great to see her. Her little girl has grown up so much. We had a fun time going to the Renaissance Fair, the Mall of America, and Ikea. I like the Renaissance Fair, but boy are there some freaks in this world! But you know what, sometimes those people are the most interesting people to talk to.

There hasn't been any running since the last entry, but I have joined Weight Watchers. It was strange going to that first meeting. For some reason I had envisioned a 12-step program kind of meeting. "Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am fat." It wasn't like that at all. Just give us your money, step up on the scale, here is what the program is and how to follow it, an empowering "make the right choices" lesson, and see you next week. I've already dropped some weight, so I guess it is working.

I take the first section of the CPA exam two weeks from today. I still have some studying to do, but I think I'll do ok. It is the next part that I take in 5 weeks that has me a little freaked out, but just one step at a time here! The thing I need to avoid is sticking my head in the sand by not studying because I am afraid of flunking. That will guarantee I will flunk!

I also have a couple of knitting projects going. Pictures coming soon. I am doing Shedir from in a red Cascade 220. I think it will be a denser fabric than the original, but that will be a good thing! I'm also working on the 2 color brioche stitch scarf I mentioned earlier. I love how it is turning out, but boy is it hard to fix when I mess something up!

It is time to go to class. I hope I can stay awake we are going through Corporate tax stuff! YUCK!


  1. I love the Shedir hat! I have some calmer to make another, just need to find time for that chart reading!
    Good luck with your issues, I hope they work out for the best.

  2. " The thing I need to avoid is sticking my head in the sand by not studying because I am afraid of flunking. "

    I don't know why, but I do this too. Its crazy and I have no idea what my aversion is to doing what I need to do.