Wednesday, October 05, 2005


First the trip we took a month ago to go to my brother’s wedding in Iowa. I didn’t realize that the bridges in the book and movie “The Bridges of Madison County” were in Madison County, Iowa. We went right by the turn off on the way to the wedding so we decided to see some on the way back. The first one we drove by was Hogback Bridge.


They don’t let cars drive across them any more. I was surprised at how much graffiti was on the inside of the bridge.

The second bridge we saw was the famous Rosman Bridge from the book and movie. It looks just like the Hogback Bridge.


My husband took this picture. I have always loved it when he takes pictures, he has such a good eye for it. That is me sitting there waiting for him to get finished taking pictures. The Bridge was in very good condition, but had a lot more graffiti in it than the Hogback, lots of couples. I wonder how many are still together. The bridges were ok, but I like the ones we found in New Hampshire much better.

On the way to the bridges we found John Wayne’s birthplace. He only lived there 3 years, but they had a lot of memorabilia. They also had this conversion van that someone had painted with murals. Sorry about the glare, I couldn’t figure out a way to get rid of it. There were also smaller murals on the hood of the van.



I’ve been doing some knitting lately. I’ve gotten pretty far on my Two Color Brioche Stitch Scarf. I had to read the pattern very closely until I figured out the logic to it. I think that is one of the reasons I like knitting, the logic of knits and purls to make a pattern. Now I can work on this without the pattern.


So far I like how it is turning out.

I also started on Shedir from Knitty. I am barely on the cables. I have noticed that I am knitting (and wearing) a lot of shades of red lately. I have finally found the yarn I want to use for the sweater I want to start, but I am a little worried about using such an expensive yarn for my first sweater. But that yarn is a shade of red too!


I think I am all caught up with the pictures for the blog!

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  1. Is that your hydrangea? I love that color! What is the name?

    I love the Shedir, but man I had a hard time with the pattern.