Friday, September 02, 2005


I finally finished the blanket for my nephew. And just in time too. Tomorrow is my brother's wedding and I can give it to my sister then. I also make a stuffed bear for my niece.


Both the Bear and the Blanket were from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts and knit out of Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece. The blanket took one skein for each of the 7 colors. The bear took about 1/2 of a skein, but it did not take just 6-8 hours like the book said it would! Using Cotton Fleece was a great way to make this blanket more affordable, but make sure you get gauge or you might run out of yarn. The bear didn't turn out as cute as it is in the book, but I think it is ok. I really like the blanket and now that I have made it I can see a lot more color combinations that would look very good.


I am very proud of the seams. For my first time doing them I think they turned out pretty good! I can tell the difference between my first seam and my last seam, but I doubt anyone else can.


Have a good Labor Day weekend!


  1. blah, comment spam! turn on the image verification for commenting and you won't have to deal with it anymore.

    great job on the knitting. i dig on the bear. my bet is that it'll be a favorite for years.

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Looks great! I am sure babies will love them.