Thursday, August 04, 2005


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a very low key day, just the way I wanted it to be. No one at work realized it was my birthday, which was just fine. After work I went to my CPA review class and then home. I got a few more cards in the mail including one my mom had made using stamps. She is getting very good with them! I opened the present from my husband and then we watched TV. Hubby got me a gift certificate to a jewelry store in the Mall of America called "Local Flavor." It is full of local artists stuff, very unique and very cute! He knew which ring I wanted, but they have a no return, no exchange policy, and he didn't want to get the wrong size. So I'll go pick it up this weekend. I can't wait!

Now that my birthday is over I think I am out of my funk. Tomorrow, cycling class, Saturday, Pilates class and then I'm on a roll again. Again, thanks for the birthday wishes!

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  1. Happy late Birthday!!!!

    Sorry. Late again. :(

    Hope you had a good weekend. Do we get a picture of the birthday ring?