Friday, June 10, 2005

The Plan

It has been suggested that I show the plan to the world (Jeff) so that I can be badgered about it (Jeff and Jon). :) Ok, so here it goes. Please keep in mind that I decided to start from the beginning so I don't get discouraged and quit. We all have to start (or restart) somewhere.

Week 1: Run 2 min, Walk 3 min for 30 min
Week 2: Run 3 min, Walk 7 min for 30 min
Week 3: Run 4 min, Walk 6 min for 30 min
Week 4: Run 5 min, Walk 5 min for 30 min
Week 5: Run 6 min, Walk 4 min for 30 min
Week 6: Run 7 min, Walk 3 min for 30 min
Week 7: Run 8 min, Walk 2 min for 30 min
Week 8: Run 9 min, Walk 1 min for 30 min
Week 9: Run 30 min!!!

I start this coming Monday. I will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Keeping Saturday for a make up day. If I feel I need to repeat a week I will do so, but I should be able to run 30 min by the second week of August. After that I will make a plan to get me to running 3 miles. I don't think I will wear my heart rate monitor, but I will wear it when I walk or bike the other three mornings of the week (Sunday will be rest).

Please, Please, Please badger me about this! I mean it! If you see me walking around the internet, ask me about my glorious plan, and don't let me change the subject. What this plan hinges on is me getting up in the morning. I am a big girl now, I can get up at 6 AM. I think. I need to do this in the morning, because if I don't, it won't get done. I need to devote my evenings to studying and class.

My plan for eating is to have no sweets, eat as much fruit and veggies that I want and cut my meals in half. I tend to do ok at work and for lunch, but dinner time and going out to eat are my big downfalls. So I will consider the size of the portion that I really want to eat (or what is given to me) and then I will cut it in half. If I am truly hungry after I have eaten that half I will go from there. I already know that I tend to rebel if I have to keep close track of my eating. I figure this will do for a while and if I hit a rough spot I will reevaluate. I also need to watch my emotional/boredom eating. My goal here is to have 30 pounds lost by January 1, 2006. (Oh my God, next year is 2006! where does the time fly?)

Knitting plan - I realized that I haven't been posting much about knitting lately. I plan to finish these #%&* baby blankets and then knit whatever I want to! Hopefully a hat, sweater, scarf, mittens, and the second sock.


  1. awesome!

    it's out there now, i'm copying and pasting into a text file, so i have it for reference and i'll be spamming you with alternating encouragement and badgering =)

  2. Looks good, Rebecca!

    A plan is key. There was a study done on a class of students entering Harvard one year (I think it was Harvard). Only 10% of them had a clear plan (if any) for college and a career. 10 years after graduation, the combined income of that 10% was more than the combined income of the entire rest of the class!

    I think you will be happy with having a plan. Will continually monitor to badger as needed. ;)

    One last thought: rest. Make sure you let yourself rest when you need it. We'll badger you for that too. A "step-back" week here or there will help rebuild and boost your stamina even more.

    This is gonna be fun!

  3. Okay, you told us to,'s the plan going?!?! ;P