Thursday, June 09, 2005


I was sitting in class last night and I realized that there are a few things about my life that I don't like, and if I ever want them to change I am going to have to DO SOMETHING about it. Imagine that, actually do something about it. Not just make a plan to do something, but actually DO something. I love making plans and drawing up schedules, but I don't usually follow them very well. I tend to coast through life. So the next six months are going to be full of change and effort. I am going to pass the CPA exam, I'm going to lose 30 pounds and I'm going to run on a regular basis.

Now that I have told the internet about it, I have to keep my word. I think I have posted about this before. We'll just have to see if it actually sticks this time.


  1. give your plan to someone who can hold you accountable, or, post your plan so we can pester you about it! =)

  2. Hey, half the problem with getting stuff done is actually making a plan. You're halfway there already. :)

    We'll help you stick to it. The web is great for guilt and peer pressure.