Monday, June 13, 2005

First Run of Many

I actually made it out the door today! I ran for 2 min and walked for 3 until I had been out there for 30 min. I am so glad I started out with only 2 min!! But my anniversary present helped me get out the door.

I got an I-Pod! My hubby is so sweet. I have wanted an I-Pod for a long time. I was going to save up for the mini, but he got me the 30G with the color screen! Having music while on my run helped distract me from the pain in my legs.

We went to Duluth for our anniversary and had a great time. I also visited Playing With Yarn while on our scenic drive. They had a great view of Lake Superior from the shop and tons of yarn. I didn't spend very much time there, but they had a very good selection of Noro. Nothing left with me. I think I am unusual among knitters. I don't buy yarn unless I know what I am going to make out of it.

I finally got the pictures off of my camera from my trip to Kansas. So, as promised, here are the pictures from after the storm. Where I stopped to take pictures was by an old cemetery, so a snapped a couple pictures of the gravestones. Old cemeteries have always fascinated me. I hope you don't think this is morbid!





  1. congratulations on the workout! congratulations on the ipod!

    and finally, AWESOME photos! the gravestone is particuarly impressive. nice work!

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I usually end up buying some small item if I can. I try to support any shop I stop in, unless they are really rude. I figure if more shops stay in business the more people will be knitting the more yarn makers will be producing!

  3. I always feel kinda sad in old cemeteries because nobody comes to the graves anymore, there's nobody left to remember them. Sometimes the stones all fall down and people just walk over them. I know someone who is an historian in a small town and she has had to recover old tombstones from people who used them as stepping stones for their gardens.

  4. hello? it's been a'd the walking/running plan go last week?