Monday, June 20, 2005

Bad Timing

Last week was probably the worst week I could have picked to start a running program. I had absolutely no energy. I thought for a while I was getting sick, but then I looked at my packet of little pills and realized that it was the week before "that" time of the month. Wonderful. So I only did the one run last week. But I'm starting up again this week. I figure it doesn't matter how long this takes me as long as I eventually finish.

Thanks everyone for checking up on me. I really appreciate it! Hopefully I'll have better luck this week.


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    We are not sure how much we will use the camper, but figure it will give us the opportunity to take the daughters on some nice vacations to unknown (to them) places. And every year we go camping for a friend's daughter's birthday, her request!
    Good luck with the running, not my bag at all!

  2. Sorry "this week" is dragging you down. I mark my wife's time on my calendar to help me be better prepared to deal with her rougher moments.

    Dig in and push. You are doing fine. :)