Friday, May 06, 2005


I've been working in downtown St. Paul long enough to start recognizing people in the skyway. Let me tell you, this skyway system is going to be awesome in the winter! But back to what I was saying. There are these two little old Asian ladies I see every afternoon on my walk to catch the bus home. They are about the same height and one is slightly younger than the other one and they are always chattering in their native language. I wonder if they are sisters or lifelong friends and they have been waiting all day to speak to each other. The other ladies I always see just after I pass the Asian ladies are Islamic. They wear the most beautiful hijab (head covering). The colors and patterns of the materials they wear are gorgeous. I wish I could take pictures of these women, but I think that would be rude.

Another thing I have noticed is that this area is much more liberal than Kansas City. I love the diversity. It makes people watching so much more interesting. I have also noticed more interracial couples, very nice to see. I think that children of interracial couples are so beautiful, not that most children aren't beautiful, just that mixed race children seem to be more so. I think I am very lucky to have been raised in a small Kansas town and not have racial views.* I have my parents to thank for that. In fact, I didn't realize people my age held racist views until I got to High School. I was very shocked to hear some of the things people said.

There are a few disadvantages to being in a liberal area and being conservative, but they aren't a big deal. I am glad that we moved here in the spring. It gives us time to fall in love with the area before the snow hits. Although I do have plans to learn how to cross country ski and snowshoe when winter comes. You wouldn't believe how many snowmobiles we see while driving through residential areas. And the trails! It seems like every time you turn around there is a trailhead sign. Even in very populated areas. So many areas to explore.

*Not that I think everyone in small (or Kansas) towns are racist!

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  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    You are right, racism exists, in both directions. I wish we could equalize color, gender, bias and religion, or stop using them as reasons to argue. But then if we didn't have them, what would we have. Maybe if people can learn that others can offer insight about their worlds, we can get past it. I love to study other cultures and taste their foods. Yummy! Except jalapenos. Too hot for me!