Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch

That is what is happening around here. Every day I think about things I should write about, but they are mostly random thoughts, so here they are!

Random Running

Yucky, that is how I feel. I'm not running and I need to. I would feel so much better if I did. And I enjoy running, it isn't like running is brussel sprouts (good for me but taste horrible). I enjoy something that is good for me! Imagine that, how often does that really happen in our lives. What I don't enjoy is getting up in the morning, or dragging myself out of the door after work. If I could just get past that little hurdle I think I could do much better. If only the world could conform to my needs and not start until about 10 AM, that would be much better. But no, someone decided work starts at 8 AM, that means I need to get up at 6 AM! I am just not a morning person. But morning is the best time to get my run in. I am not going to let another summer go past with me accomplishing nothing. Plus, I think very soon I am going to need some sort of physical outlet. And that leads into my next random thought.

The CPA exam!!!! *scary music playing*

I've tried taking this stupid thing three times, and failed spectacularly each and every time. The CPA exam is the only intellectual thing I have ever failed at. Mostly from lack of studying, hence the need for a physical outlet to balance the intense brain work ahead of me. I have signed up for a CPA review course (paid for 100% by work!! Yay work!) and have received the first two course books and the HUGE box of flashcards for the entire course. I don't think it really hit me how much studying I am going to have to do until I saw all those flash cards. I start the class in June. The format of the CPA exam has changed, and that will be in my favor. So maybe this time I can actually do this. The only people who know about this are my husband, work and the internet. I don't think I could stand my family constantly asking questions about it. Especially if I end up failing again.


BORING. I'm knitting two baby blankets and I desperately want to knit something for myself. But hopefully after these blankets are done I'll be able to focus on more important things, me! Chris, my sister's blanket pattern came out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and I will seam up the strips to make the blanket. My first adventure in seaming! I'm enjoying working on it, even if it is boring. I just hope I'll be able to finish them both on time. But again, neither one knows I am making them, so if they are a little late it should be no big deal.

General Blog Stuff

I've been doing a lot of reading of blogs lately and I've come to realize that the ones I like the most are either by people who have English degree/write professionally or have at least one picture per post. I like getting a peek in to someone else's life either through awesome writing or pictures. So, I thought about my own blog. I don't have an English degree. I do have an Accounting degree, but working with numbers doesn't usually mean someone is good with words. Actually I'm not all that creative. Knitting and photography have given me a little bit of a creative outlet within a structured environment. So, pictures it is. Having a digital camera helps, I may have to start carrying it around with me. But I won't be posting pictures of people (except me), hubby set a rule when I started my website, no pictures of him. He doesn't know about the blog, but I'm sure the same rule applies. And I wouldn't want to post pictures of people I know without asking. But how awkward would that be! I tend to keep my online life very private. I don't know how I would like people in RL actually reading this. Strange. With all that said, I don't have any pictures today! I also want to post more often, but I don't want it to become a burden. This thing is for fun, nothing else.

Thanks for wading through all that. It is nice not having those random thoughts banging around in my head anymore!


  1. take the camera EVERYWHERE and take photos of EVERYTHING from EVERY angle. out of a couple hundred shots, you'll usually find a couple interesting shots to post. =)

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Waded through it just fine. I agree with the reading thing. I like posts with pictures. I don't need English majors to enhance the reading, but I much prefer knitting content. The extras are the personal things that come through in the postings. It's hard to keep them out sometimes. What I dislike is constant demeaning and sarcasim about other knitters and there knitting. Right now I am in a "cat fight" with a commenter and hate having to respond to her on the blog. But feel I need to respond to her there since that's where she is posting her thoughts. I just hate for readers to get tired of it and decide to jump ship. I guess I will have to choose to ignore anymore comments from her. Thanks for the info on the blanket, I have that book and a lady at church is expecting this summer. Time to find out the color scheme!

  3. I like pictures in posts too, but i have dial-up so it takes a long time to load them. Maybe thumbnails for us dial-up losers that link to bigger pictures.

    And I need more pictures on my blog too.

  4. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Hi Rebecca. I saw your comments at Chris's. I'm curious -- what do you think is going on? Because I have not a clue. You told Chris "good luck with this" so I'm understanding that to mean you know something about me that I don't know? I don't have to get the last word in, I'm just terribly confused as to why Chris has decided to go off on me. Am I not supposed to comment after daily rants against me? Really, I'd like to know.


  5. Now, I'm feeling nervous being named Chris and following this post, so... I'm not the Chris in question. Not me.

    When I said "granny," I mean using the "easy" gears on a multi-geared bicycle. They're often called the granny gears because even one's grandmother could pedal the bike up steep inclines with them. Often used with derision.

    Run because it's fun.