Friday, April 15, 2005

On the Road Again

I just finished my first run in MN. I found a flat little trail near my house and ran/walked for about 30 minutes. There were a few other people out there, one guy just blew right by me! One day I will be able to run fast, or at least faster! Now I am trying to formulate a plan/schedule in my mind so I can fit work around running. Got to have my priorities in the right place! I think I am going to try to run a 5K sometime this summer and then a 10K late autumn/early winter. I hope I can remember this feeling when I need to drag myself out of bed in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Its so hard to be that motivated in the morning. Race morning is no problem for me (heck, I'm up 2 hours early anyway!) but other days? No way. I'm in awe of people who can run in the morning, like at 6 AM. They amaze me.