Friday, April 01, 2005

I Got the Job!!

I just got the official offer for my new job! I knew on my last day in KC that I had the job, but the government has to do things certain ways, so I just now got the official offer from the Human Resources person. I told my friends and family, but I didn't want to broadcast the news until I got the official word.

I will be doing the exact same thing I was doing in KC, just for a different department. It will mean learning all new programs, but they won't expect me to know everything right off the bat. Plus I pick things like that up pretty easily. I'll start in two weeks, so that means I get some relax time.

God is so good!!

Edit-Blogger is being tempermental today, I might just get this posted today.


  1. YEAH!!!

    Um, I hope this isn't an April Fool's joke.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I couldn't comment yesterday, so here goes...Congrats on making it to Minn, on the new job and anything else that's happened lately. Good luck in unpacking.