Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Twitchy Legs

It has been so long since I have been for a run that my legs are getting twitchy! It is good to know that I am missing it, but it will be another week before I can start up again. Today starts the crazy time! Today is the last day at work, tomorrow I fly down to Georgia for hubby's graduation on Thursday and then we start our two/three day drive back to KC. Monday we pack up the rental truck and Tuesday we drive to the Twin Cities!!! Craziness!

I still don't have a new job yet, but I have plenty of time before the money crunch hits. And to be honest I would love to have some time off to be able to focus on me and relax a little. I have gotten a couple knitting projects done in the past couple days, but you will have to wait for pictures until I get moved. See you all in about a week!


  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Best wishes on the move!


  2. have a safe drive!

  3. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Drive carefully! But enjoy the ride.
    Thanks for the compliments on my socks.

  4. Drive safe! Maybe you can stop and do little jogs on the way there. :D