Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Still Thinking

I'm still not sure about posting about Christianity and possibly politics, but I do know that I want to post more about my running and my knitting habit. I haven't been running very much lately. I have been exercising though. My left knee just hurts too much when I run. I know this is mostly because of my weight and not doing my leg lifts. I have been getting on the elliptical machine and the recumbent bike at the gym. I really enjoy both machines and I guess the point right now is to just keep moving, even if I am not running. I am planning on getting more into running outside after the New Years. I am just way too busy to even think about starting something new.

And speaking of something new, my knitting habit is coming along nicely. Right now I have three different projects started. I really need to finish my poncho because if I don't they will be out of fashion very soon! I started a pair of socks the other night, but I am just playing around with those. I do want to be able to knit the socks while on the plane to see hubby. The last project I have is a scarf, it was for a gift exchange but I didn't finish in time. I still want to finish it, but I don't know what I will do with it.

I do want to start another project, but I am making myself wait until after New Years. I want to make a baby blanket for my best friend. I already have the pattern (modified slightly) and the yarn all picked out. I have until the end of February to finish it, so I have plenty of time before I need to start it. But I want to start it now, mainly because I think it will be so fun and cute. I have the sweetest multi colored yarn picked out. It is in pastel, but they don't have anything else that is washable and in a color that would match her decor. Personally, I don't like pastels, but she does, and the blanket is for her baby. I think it will turn out sweet.

Jon, I do want to thank you for your comment on my last post. If I do decide to blog about Christianity your type of response is the type I am looking for. Someone who may not necessarily think or see the world the same way I do, but is willing to consider it (and I would consider theirs as well). I just have to decide if doing this is worth sorting through all the "hate comments." Thanks for the input!

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  1. You welcome, Becca. And if you want to talk about "hate mail", it sounds like Dooce gets it by the truck load! Love that blog. :)

    And ditto on keeping moving even if you can't be running yet, especially in the winter. Holiday food and winter just kill me.