Friday, January 07, 2005

Not Too Bad

For the first week of the year that is. I only made it to the gym twice due to the massive ice storm we had. Actually, if I am completely truthfully, I could have made it four times. I was only iced in one day. But I made excuses one day until it was way too late and dangerous to go. The other day I told myself that I didn't need to go to the gym at lunch because I was going after work with a girlfriend. But I should have know better than to expect an 8 month pregnant woman to want to go to the gym. We ended up eating pizza and brownies at her house. The only cheat in my diet the ENTIRE week. I am proud of that.

I plan on starting to run outside next week (or maybe tomorrow, but don't hold me to it). It has been a LONG time since I have run, let alone run outside. But I feel like it is something I really need to conquer. I have an unreasonable fear of people laughing at me from their cars. I have all the necessary equipment to run outside (wicking pants, wicking shirt, light jacket), so there is no reason I shouldn't do it sometime soon.

Speaking of equipment (get your mind out of the gutter!), I need a new pair of running shoes. Once I get some free time I want to go to a local running store and have them look at my current shoes and analyze my stride. You see, I have no idea if I over pronate, need cushion, or have high arches. I just bought a shoe that looked good to me. And it has worked, so far. I am just wondering if there is a better shoe out there for me.

Knitting Content!

I finally finished my poncho!! It has been declared beautiful by many people. I am very proud of my first finished object. I think it is very fashionable, for at least the next 10 minutes! I bet that one day I will frog it to use the yarn for something else. I'll post a picture soon. I am stuck at the heel turn in knitting my sock. I am a little scared about it because the directions make NO SENSE to me. But I have been told to just go ahead and follow the directions and it will all turn out ok. I'll think I will pick it up again tonight while watching the second season of SG-1 on DVD. I wanted to pick up the yarn for the baby blanket for said pregnant friend, but said ice storm prevented me. Hopefully I will have time to do it next week. I can't wait to get started on it. I just hope that my friend likes it.


  1. Personally I prefer "walk and not faint"! I have a quilting habit now instead of knitting.

  2. Nobody in the cars even notice you because they are too busy checking out the supersize fries they got at McD's. You go run and you'll do great.

    And getting new running shoes is always good for your feet and your attitude. New shoes make me feel like I can fly. :)