Friday, December 10, 2004


I have a bit of a conflict. I'm not sure what to do about it, but maybe talking/typing it out will help. Ever since the election I have been reading a lot of Bush bashing and, what concerns me even more, Christian bashing on blogs. I had to stop reading one because it made me so mad, and I knew there was no way my opinion would be even considered if I did comment. This person was writing in hopes of changing people's views, but I seriously doubt that they would listen to anyone else's views.

Hence my dilemma, do I just ignore what is going on and stop reading those blogs (no sense getting myself all worked up), or do I use the blog platform as a way to show that Fundamentalist Christians are not the stupid sheep some people think they are. We are intelligent caring people. And yes, I said the bad word, Fundamentalist! Not all of us are gay hating people like Jerry Falwell.

I do realize that a blog is a person's opinion and they can write/think whatever they want. But I also know that for most people if someone posted a different view that they would get blasted. I guess I'm wondering if it is worth the time and effort that would be necessary to craft a well thought out rebuttal to the attacks on Christianity. I have been wanting to learn more about a faith and have more of a why behind my beliefs than because my pastor or parents say so. And what type of format should it take? Should I make another blog or just keep using this one. I have also been wanting to get back to blogging about running and about my new hobby, knitting.

So many Christians are very timid about their faith. I know that generally I am. I take a don't ask, don't tell view. And I really want to change that. Plus many Christians divorce their faith from their life. I want my faith to be part of who I am. What to do! Also, how would I decide what to "talk" about. Would I reply to someone else's blog in my blog? But I don't want to seem like I am attacking someone, plus a lot of people out there are WAY smarter than I am.

One additional thing to think about. I am so busy right now. Hubby is away in Georgia for training for his new job. And in March we will be moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Maybe things will slow down after Christmas. But right now I feel so swamped. Do I really need yet another thing to do?

I think I will take some time over the weekend and pray about this.


  1. Its your blog, you post what you want. Ask yourself what you want to get out of the blog.

    Personally, I try to avoid politics on my blog because this election was so volatile, and there is/was alot of bashing on both sides. Makes for some very angry people all around.

    I'm actually glad that you said what you did about Christian fundamentalists feeling bashed. I had always seen it the other way around; as the dems being bashed now by reps and fundamentalists since they are clearly in favor with the current administration. I hadn't realized that the fundamentalists might feel criticized despite that. New persepctives are good.

    Again, its your blog and you should post about what you want. You will get criticism for anything that is a "hot" topic, that being anything that people feel passionate about. You always have the power to delete comments that are offensive. Its your blog. Make it what you want.

  2. I find it's fruitless to argue with those whose minds are made up and closed.

  3. it's your blog, and ultimately you'll find your own blend of running, knitting, politics and religion. i find that if something is on my mind, whether it be the success of a recent run, or some tugging that the holy spirit is doing on my heart, i'll blog about it.

    imho, the more intelligent, well thought out rebutals there are out there, the less ignorant and sheepish we'll appear.