Saturday, July 24, 2004

So Tired

I didn't run today, but I did clean both my bathroom and my kitchen and rearranged my living room.  And when I say clean I mean CLEAN.  I cleaned every surface and corner I could reach and organized every cabinet and shelf space. Those two rooms are so clean you could eat off of the floor! Well, I wouldn't do that even off of a clean floor.  Just so you know how wonderful this is, let me tell you how I normally "clean".  In the kitchen I wipe down the counters and in the bathroom I only clean every 2 or 3 months.  So needless to say these two rooms were NASTY. Not moldy nasty, just dirty.  I really don't like cleaning and when I do have free time the last thing I want to do is clean.  And hubby never cleans.  I think if I caught him cleaning I would be shocked!  Happy, but shocked.  But he has many other good qualities that I love him for. 
Hubby instigated the living room rearrange.  He discovered that if we plugged the TV into one of the cable outlets we could get the free channels in clearer than we do with just the bunny ears. (We don't have cable) But the outlet was on the other side of the room.  That is the reason for the rearrange.  I do have to say that it is nice to be able to watch a show with no fuzz on the screen. And I think I like this furniture arrangement much better than the last one.  We haven't moved our furniture since we moved in two years ago!
So needless to say, I am a little tired right now.  My goal, when I got up this morning, was to clean the entire apartment (6 rooms), but I only got 2 done.  But those rooms are very clean and the rest I picked up.  So I'm not too unhappy.  I may go for a run tomorrow morning. It has been raining almost all day today, hence the cleaning, so tomorrow should be nice and cool.  Perfect for a run with my dog.

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