Friday, July 30, 2004

Like a Whirlpool that Never Ends

That is what my head has felt like for the past week.  I was feeling dizzy Sunday afternoon and it hadn't gone away by Monday so I went to the Dr.  He said I had crystals accumulated in my inner ear canals and the vertigo would go away on its own. So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday on the couch watching TV and finishing a puzzle I started 5 years ago.  I tried to go to work on Thursday, but the vertigo medicine made me so sleepy I could not concentrate. So I took half the day off.  Today I am doing much better. I didn't take my medicine and I only have a little bit of extra movement.  I thought about running but I was afraid I would fall off the treadmill.  Hopefully by the time the weekend is over I will be 100% better.
Tuesday is my birthday and hubby is already teasing me about my present.  He knows I love surprises and he won't even give me a hint! Well, other than it was bought at a store.  He always gets me such great presents, I can't wait to find out what it is!!!  Tonight we are going to a Royals game and we have really good seats.  I'm not a big fan of sports, but seeing a game live is always fun. 
Hey, if you are reading this blog, please leave a comment. Even if it is just a hello. I would love to know that someone is actually reading this and maybe enjoying it. 

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