Monday, July 19, 2004

Reasonably good start to the week.

Not a great start, but a reasonably good start.  I didn't get up early this morning.  In fact, I was about 5 minutes late to work!  Usually that isn't too big of a deal.  We don't punch a clock or anything and I just stay 5 minutes later.  But today just as I was walking in the door the big boss was walking out!  I could tell she wasn't too pleased, but I don't think she will do anything.  I would have to do something really bad to get fired from my government job. 
I did not get a run in this weekend.  I was lazy and slept in both Saturday and Sunday.  Even though I had slept in I could have gotten a run in both days, and I am a little ticked off at myself about that.  I have never really had to push myself in the past, but with running I do.  I think my hubby is right, I don't push myself hard enough, but don't tell him I said that!!
I did get a run in today at work.  I ran 1.33 miles in 20 min.  No stopping!  Total miles 1.89.  I am thinking about signing up for a 5K race.  Something to work towards.  More about that later!

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