Friday, July 16, 2004

I ran, kind of

I only ran for 10 minutes today. I feel like a bum. But I did get my butt up out of my chair and to the gym, and 10 min is better than 0 minutes. I don't think that I ate enough this morning. I had just some oatmeal and half a Fat Free Yogurt. I felt a little yicky by the time I had gotten to 7 min so I decided to call it a day so I wouldn't fall flat on my face on the Treadmill.

I have guests coming into town tonight and I think they are staying until sometime Sunday. I really don't mind them coming up, but they didn't call until Thursday night to say they were going to be here. That mildly gets on my nerves, but not too much. I like these people and always have a good time with them. Now if they were people I didn't like, I would not be happy. I am hoping to get a run in early Saturday morning. If I do I will be my first run outside in a long time.

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