Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What to do

I"m not sure what to do with this here blog.  Sorry, had to use some down-home lingo now that I'm back in KS.  I can't delete it because I still get tons of hits for the  Two Color Brioche Stitch Scarf Pattern , at least 200 a month!  Last month the blog got over 1,200 hits and I'm betting that at least 99% were for that pattern.  So, no deleting the blog. 

On the other hand, I'm not quite yet comfortable with using to to journal daily life with pictures, stories and projects.  Ever since the divorce I have been very protective of my personal life, specifically not wanting my ex-husband to know a single darn thing about me.  I already resent what he has to know because we have a daughter together.  I do know that he used to search the internet for stuff about/from me and I got some of it thrown back in my face during an argument. 

But being realistic, it has been almost a year since the divorce was final.  The ex has had the same girlfriend for the past year and has moved in with her.  So, the odds of him regularly searching the internet for me are low.  I would bet that as long as I kept pictures of our daughter off of the blog that he wouldn't even care about anything else here. And I would have to make sure to keep anything off of the blog that could come back and bite me in the rear.  That is what my twitter account is for!   

I know I could keep it just to knitting/craft projects, but I'm not sure I couldn't let some personal stuff slip through.  I need to be ok with the occasional personal stuff being out there before I start writing.  And how boring would a blog be if it was just about X project, Y yarn and Z modifications.   I want to write a blog that I would read myself! 

So, all that to say that I think I am going to, cautiously, start posting again.  As I have time of course, and after the whole privacy issue, time is the next biggest issue.  Overall, I think it would be good for me to start blogging again.  I do need to lower my expectations on how I blog and the quality of the pictures that I post. I tend to be too much of a perfectionist! 

Hopefully this space will have lots of new stuff soon!

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