Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Music

Tinsmith has become one of my favorite groups. I was originally introduced to them by the now defunct (so sad) podcast Knit Tunes. They play Celtic music, but with a little bit of something (can't describe it) thrown it. According to their website they are "a high-energy folk band playing traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and Appalachia. Citing influences from blues to bluegrass, from funk to jazz to mountain music, they bring traditional songs and tunes into the new century. " Short version, they are GOOD!

I especially love "Star of the County Down" and that is what I sound like in my head. Unfortunately reality is MUCH different. Other favorites are "Grey Funnel Line" (which refers to the English Navy), "The Royal Oak", and "Bolts and Locks".

If you check out the website they have a page to listen to some songs. I believe they are also on iTunes.

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