Thursday, June 01, 2006


I have always loved the color green. I love how many different shades of green there are in a forest. I used to have a three hour drive across south eastern Kansas to get home from college. I loved to watch the landscape gradually turn green as the seasons changed from winter to spring. And when spring had finally arrived, how beautiful all the different greens were. I knew it wouldn't last long, Kansas heat turns the grasslands golden brown, which has its own beauty. But I always loved the green times. I have come to value the color green even more after my first long Minnesota winter.

If you will allow me to become philosophical, right now I'm living in a "green" time. A time of wonderful changes and growth. Meeting new people, gaining new experience, and planning for new additions to our family (hopefully soon).


All this has been sparked by Project Spectrum. May's color was green. You've seen the first two pictures, my birch tree and linen hand towel. The second two are a hosta I just planted and the color I painted our bedroom. I love the variegated leaves of the hosta. This is the first planting I have done at the new house, and I'm a little excited about it! I painted the bedroom in March before we moved in. I know I was starving for the color green then because I was fixated on painting the bedroom green. It took three tries and $100 in paint, but I finally got the perfect green for this room.

Thanks Carrie for the mosaic maker!!

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  1. Beautiful! I am particularly drawn to green for similar reasons - I too am "growing" and going through changes (as we all are, I imagine) and I often identify with green more than any other color.