Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good News!

At least there is for those of us living in the most southern suburbs of the Twin Cities. There is going to be a new yarn store opening soon!! It is called Knitter's Pallet and will be run by Pam, one of the ladies in the knitting group I get together with on Sunday afternoons. I am so excited for her, this is something she has been wanting to do for quite a while.

The shop will be located in Lakeville on 160th and Cedar/77th Highway only two doors down from the Kowalski's. There is already a sign in the window if you want to check it out. According to Pam it will be opening up sometime in August. I know she will have a seating area for groups and there will be coffee/tea available as well. I'll keep you posted as I learn more. Pam, if I got anything wrong or if you want anything else included just let me know!

This has been a meeting bloggers filled week. Monday I met up with Renee from A Good Yarn for lunch. We sat in nice air conditioning and knit and chatted for a couple hours. It was great to meet up with her again. Tuesday I met up with Carrie from Knit-Whit at Borealis Yarns. We didn't realize it was closed so we sat and knit outside the cafe next door. It was so much fun to finally meet Carrie and it was a beautiful night to be knitting outside. I hope I didn't talk her ear off!!

I've been leaving the duck nest alone; I didn't want to bug the duck and scare it away. But the other day I peaked in and noticed there was nothing in the nest, no duck and no eggs. I figured the traffic around the area (our corner is the school bus pickup) scared it away. But a few days later I checked and saw these.


I haven't seen the duck around lately, so hopefully she hasn't abandoned her eggs. But I don't know the nesting habits of duck, so this may be completely normal. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for ducklings!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out on the shop. Exciting, scary and busy times ahead for me! The electrician/HVAC and plumber have been working this week, so we are finally seeing progress.

    We have a pond in the back yard and lots of ducks that visit, but no nesting (at least not that we have found anyway), so I don't have any info on their nesting habits! Good luck - I hope they hatch for you!

  2. No, you didn't talk my ear off. I probably didn't talk there...we're even ;-)
    Seriously, I had a fun time and looking forward to knitting with you again!

  3. Oh I love baby ducks. I hope the mama is still around. I almost seems as though they should have hatched already. I am not sure how many clutches ducks have.