Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Fog Clears

Have you ever had those times when you feel like you have been wrapped up in cotton? Everything feels diffused and all motivation to do anything has completely gone out the window. That is they way I have been feeling for the past week. I know part of it is hormone induced (sometimes I hate being a girl) and another part is situational. When I get frustrated with something, or more accurately someone, and I can't really do anything about it, I tend to crawl in to a "hole" and just ignore the world. Usually my "hole" is reading a book or watching TV. Nothing gets done, even the important things. Work starts to pile up, which puts me even deeper into my "hole." Really, it is a miracle that I haven't gotten fired during one of my funks, and I have only had one manager even notice that something was going on. Well, more may have noticed, but only one actually said something to me. I've gotten good at faking it.

Monday, I woke up. I usually don't realize how bad I was feeling until I come out of one of these funks. I have motivation again! I have a desire to get something accomplished! Both of these things are very good because I am so behind in everything!! I spent most of yesterday playing catch up, and luckily no permanent damage was done by my negligence. Now I have an overabundance of motivation, but I know if I take on too much I won't accomplish anything and I'll go into another funk. I need to pick and choose what the most important things I need to accomplish right now, both for the long term and short term.

This is where I run into the most problems with trying to decide what to accomplish, I tend to focus on the short term. But that leaves all my long term goals in limbo and nothing gets accomplished there. I think I am going to focus on two long term goals and two short term goals. My long term goals will be to start exercising again, and studying for the CPA exam. My two short term goals will be to get Christmas Shopping done and find some kind of foot covering for my dog. Everything else can either be put off for a while or can be done quickly enough to fit inbetween other things.

I probably should explain the dog thing. Maggie is an indoor dog who is not used to the cold snowy MN winters. When we were in KC we would get snow, but it wouldn't stick around too long. Here in MN it snows, and the snow STAYS, plus it is just flat out colder here. The problem we have is that when we walk Maggie, the snow gets inbetween her little paw pads and hurts her, then she starts limping. I feel so sorry for her! We bought her some little doggie boots, but they have to slip over her paw and she HATES that. I couldn't even get one on her little foot.

I have looked and looked for one that I could just tie around her foot, but I am having no luck. I think I am going to have to knit her something, kind of like a sock with a split down the top and then I could use velcro or ties to keep it on. I'm not worried about keeping her feet dry, just with keeping the snow off. I have some acrylic my mom gave me from a failed project, I think I will have to experiment. But if anyone has any ideas, either for a knitted thing, or a product I could buy I would be very grateful.

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  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Glad you are feeling better. Your goals sound very doable.
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