Monday, August 22, 2005

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!

That is what I felt like in cycling this morning. But it felt good! I think I managed to keep up pretty well. I really like this instructor. She turns off all the lights in the room, so the only light is coming from the windows (to the track) behind her. It really makes you focus on her instructions and your own workout. I also feel less self conscious because I feel like I am "hidden." I still hate catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I don't feel as fat as I look, but it does help me push. She is also very energetic, which keeps me going.

I did feel kind of stupid in class today. The class was almost over and all of a sudden my handlebars fell to the very lowest setting! I must have not tightened them enough, or I was leaning on them way too hard. Probably both. Well I hopped off my bike to pull them back up, well I pulled too hard and yanked them completely out of the bike, and they wouldn't go back in!!!! So I did the last of the workout sitting up, which really sucked because we were doing things that required leaning on the handlebars. After class was over one of the guys had to help me get them back in so I could put the bike away. I'll tighten them more next time!

I am feeling better about the CPA exam. I am doing ok on the example questions, so if I study my butt off I should pass the Audit section. I'm not so confident about the other three sections, but one step at a time here.

I have some knitting stuff to talk about, but I need to get the photos off of my camera. Next post!


  1. smart of you to focus on the first test and take the others as small bites of the elephant.

    keep up the training!

  2. I don't know your description of the bike handle bar incident made me think of it like an episode of Seinfeld with Elaine on the bike. Just kinda funny. :)