Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Paradigm Shift

The first year I was in the professional world I caught the tail end of the buzz about paradigms. I have always loved this concept because it describes me to a T. I tend to operate with a self-imposed set of rules that may or may not be the best thing for me until something jolts me out of it. I think running has become one of those not so good rules.

The thing is that I have gained 5 lbs a year for the past 6 years. If I continue like this I will be over 200 lbs before I am 35! Plus hubby and I are planning on having children in the next 3 years and that will have impact on my weight as well. My weight is starting to influence my everyday life. It is changing what clothes I wear and sometimes what activities I get involved in. I know I am not fat, but I will be if I don’t watch it. I need to do something about this now, not later, not tomorrow, now. And not just every now and then, or when I feel like it.

Now to get to my original point. In order to lose weight I need to exercise. My desire to become a runner and inability to maintain a running program is keeping me from exercising at all. I have this “rule” that if I don’t run that I can’t do anything else. Stupid, I know. I think I am going to put the running plan on the backburner for right now. It just isn’t doing me any good. That doesn’t mean that I won’t ever run, but running needs to be just a part of my exercise regimen. I need to do whatever I need to do to keep me moving every single day. If that means doing something different every single day, as long as I am moving, that is fine.

I think eventually I will get back to an actual running plan, but right now losing weight needs to be my priority. I think hubby and I are going to get a membership with the YMCA and there is one in my work building. I no longer have any excuses! Hopefully changing my "rules" about running will enable me to get in shape and lose some weight. If I decide to really devote myself to running again, great! If not, I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

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  1. i hear you. good call on canning the running program, if that's what's causing you to stumble. pick up a sport or activity that you really enjoy and look forward to. being in the outdoors, getting fresh air, will be quite a bit of motivation in and of itself.

    kite flying? kayaking? dog walking? all are great options to just be outdoors enjoying yourself. be creative and i'm sure you'll find something that will be motivating and uplifting.