Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Not Much (if any) Running

I had an ok long weekend, but it was hard to come back to work. I didn't do any running due to a massive headache that I still have today. I was disappointed because the weather was wonderful. I took some Excedrin Tension Headache today and I could tell when it started to take affect because my headache went away, but I got lightheaded, dizzy, and jittery. I'm not sure if the cure or the headache is worse! The good news is that each day it has gotten better. I should be fine tomorrow.

Tomorrow I start my first CPA review class. I am a little nervous, but I'm sure I will get through this just fine. I leave to visit my little sister on Thursday. Due to the headache I didn't get as much done this weekend as I wanted to, so I have a ton to do tonight. At least NCIS is over for this season so I won't have that distraction. I am going to try to get a run in tomorrow morning, if I can drag myself out of bed!

I just reread this, boy does this stuff make me jump around!

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