Thursday, February 24, 2005


I had a wonderful weekend with hubby. It was great to get to see him and it wasn't too hard to leave this time because I know we will be together in less than a month! I didn't do any running over the weekend, but I did get some knitting done while on the plane and in the car. I think I am only half way done with the baby blanket and my friend is due tomorrow! I don't think I will get it done in time, unless she is way overdue, and I wouldn't wish that on her! No running this week, I would say why, but I think it would be TMI (Too Much Information). Hopefully by Saturday I will be able to go for a run.

Hubby has gotten so fit! His belly is gone, he has trimmed way down and I think he has lost about 4 inches from his waist. Yet more reason to get in shape. Can't have my hubby looking so good and me not look good too. Motivation is always a good thing.

I have so many things to do before we move. Both work and personal. I have TONS of packing and organizing. I need to get things started for the actual move (rental truck, towing the car etc.) and I need to wrap things up at work as well. The personal stuff I'm sure I will get done, but I have no motivation to get work stuff done. I have felt this way since I knew we were moving to MN. But it has gotten worse. I just need to buckle down and get this stuff done.


  1. exciting news about the weekend. hang in there, the days will pass by quickly.

    forcing yourself to be productive at work is tough. just remember who gave you the skills you have and remember who you're glorifying through your exercising of those skills, and it puts the whole thing into perspective. =)

  2. Yikes, moving just gives me the heeby jeebies cause its such a pain. Hope your move goes well. And congrats to your Hubby for slimming down the belly. :)