Wednesday, January 26, 2005

HRM Rules!

It is amazing how much having a heart rate monitor has changed my exercise routine. I feel so much more motivated to get out there and run. I also like having it for weight workouts because then I feel like I am actually doing something. I have always hated lifting weights. I know it is necessary because what would be the point of losing all this weight and still being like jelly underneath! But seeing my heart rate go up while lifting helps a lot. I lifted upper body on Tuesday and my arms, shoulders and chest are killing me! I pushed so hard. Tomorrow will be legs. I do partially enjoy lifting legs, simply because I can lift more weight! I don’t feel like such a wimp.

I ran outside again today. I think I covered about 2 miles in 30 minutes. Not too bad for how little actual running I did. Basically, in order to stay in the right range I can only run the declines and walk the inclines and flat parts. And by run I really mean jog very slowly. I guess I can only get better from here! I’m not really worried about it because my heart rate monitor says I am working hard enough. I think I am going to try to “run” for 40 min on Saturday. Can you tell I really like my heart rate monitor?

I have really enjoyed the knitting that I have been doing lately. I set aside my sock to try to get the baby blanket finished before my friend has her baby. She is due February 25th, but both her and the midwife think she is going to go early. I have one repeat of the pattern done, but I think I have about six or seven repeats to go in order to make the blanket long enough. I’m fairly sure that I have plenty of yarn for the blanket. I don’t know if I will get it done in time. I want to give it to her when I visit her at the hospital after the baby is born. If I have enough time and yarn I am thinking about making a matching hat as well. We will just have to see. I’ll post pictures of the blanket and sock later.

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  1. I didn't believe my HRM for a long time. Its seemed crazy that my HR was that high. It eventually went down, so I think it was probably an accurate reading and I shouldn't have been running that hard.