Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Look, knitting!

I have actually been knitting lately! I made a scarf for the Christmas gift exchange at my grandparent's place. I used 100% silk laceweight yarn doubled on a 10.5 needle to make a basic garter stitch scarf.

I think it turned out beautiful and my sister must have thought so too cause she "stole" the gift from the person who originally opened it!

I ended up using only 250 yards of a 1400 yard skein, so I have plenty more to either make one for myself or make something else out of this gorgeous yarn. I think the picture below better shows the colors. I had to take the above pictures the night before the exchange.

It is kind of silly, but I have to give myself permission to knit or not knit as the mood strikes me. There is no knitting police that will put me in jail if I don't finish a project within a certain amount of time. Here is to being easier on myself!

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