Thursday, May 31, 2007


I’ve started composing this in my head many times, but have yet to actually post.  Time to knuckle down and finally write something!  I have been debating on whether or not to continue this blog; it is pretty obvious that I haven’t been doing much with it.  I originally started this blog as a running blog because I didn’t have a running community to share my trials and accomplishments with.  Then I started knitting and included that because I didn’t know anyone else who knit.  I think knitting took over the blog, and I laugh every time I read that description under the title.  Running?  What running?


So it really isn’t a surprise that I have backed off of the blog now that I have found a community of knitters.  The group at Knitter’s Palette (I spelled it correctly this time!) is just wonderful, and I really enjoy meeting with them.  I’ve also gained a community of friends through church.  I feel much more connected to people than I have in a very long time.  It is nice!  But the more I think about it, I would really like to continue this blog, but I need to have more realistic expectations of myself.  Yes, I know that my blog is what I want it to be, but I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.  Plus it doesn’t help that I tend to impose standards or ideas on myself that are unrealistic. Not every post needs to be a detailed description of what I am doing and how I am doing it, have the most beautiful pictures ever, or have perfect prose.  I need to do something like Knit-Whit, short, to the point and she posts often!  I love reading her blog (her pictures are wonderful!), and I love reading those blogs that are longer.  I just need to find my own “voice.”


And about the running.  I’ve wanted to start running again, but now is obviously not the right time to start a running program.  Before I became pregnant I drew up a plan to get me from not running at all to being able to run a (slow) marathon within a year.  I wasn’t going to be legalistic about this plan, but it gave me a goal to work towards.  After the baby is born I would like to start on this plan, with a slower ramp up, but I am going to need a goal to work towards to get my butt off of the couch!  I am going to give myself roughly 3 months before I start anything.  I know I will be overloaded by all the changes coming and I refuse to put too much pressure on myself to get back in shape.  And I’m sure once I do start running again I am going to want to write about it.  Right now I need to do a lot more walking and once the pool opens (and I’m brave enough to buy a maternity swimsuit) some light swimming or water walking. 


I’ve made some changes to the blog, mainly so it won’t be so obvious when I e-mail a post, and to make it a little easier to read.  The colors aren’t quite right yet, so be patient!  I also wanted to mention that I won’t be posting pictures of the baby here.  There are just too many strange people out there and I’m not big enough of a blog to have tons of people watching out for me, or have enough clout to get them removed from wherever they have been used.  Thanks for understanding.  I have been thinking about using one of the online photo services and just making them viewable to people I know.  But that is still up in the air. 


Thanks for slogging though all this and for still sticking with me!  Hopefully you will be seeing more from me in the very near future.


  1. Thanks for the link!

    I am glad you enjoy my blog, I tend to use it more as a journal for myself and it's just a nice bonus to have the rest of the world looking in & commenting occasionally. I look back in the archives ALL the time if I'm needing to know what yarn I used to knit a pair of socks a year ago, what I was doing a month ago, what gift I gave someone for their last birthday etc. I like to keep the posts short mainly because I'm not a writer so a few sentences is all I can manage most days.

    Your blog is YOUR blog, do what you think is attainable. As for posting pics of the baby, I agree with your decision.

    Good luck with the running. I'm about to start a new 5K plan. I may take up bicycling instead though...

  2. Blogs evolve, Rebecca. Sounds like yours is too. By the way, there's tons of knitting blogs out there. There's even running knitters blogs. :)