Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I hope everyone had a good weekend! I know mine was enjoyable if not as restful as I wanted it to be. I spent all day Friday cleaning my house, which is now cluttered again! Saturday I enjoyed a wonderful Sushi lunch with Renee. We had a great time eating and then people watching while knitting. Sunday I met with the knitting group at Knitter’s Pallet. It was a little strange to have such a large group. I was so used to it being just four of us. But I had a wonderful time meeting the new people.

If you ever get a chance, drop by Knitter’s Pallet (corner of 160th and Cedar in Lakeville, by the Kowalskis). Pam has an excellent selection of yarn which includes many of the Rowan and Debbie Bliss yarns. Last time I was in there she had some Lobster Pot yarn, the colors are amazing and it is so soft! She also has a beautiful selection of bags. Her prices are very competitive and Pam has a great balance between being helpful and just leaving you alone to look. She also has a sitting area up front and everything is laid out nicely so the yarn you want is easy to find.

With everything that happened at the end of July I missed putting up my mosaic for the July/Purple month of Project Spectrum. Now, normally I wouldn’t care, but purple is my favorite color! Even though purple is my favorite color, I am a bit picky about it. I like the deep rich purples, almost a royal purple. I don’t usually wear purple, but I do have quite a pit of purple jewelry, and I love purple in the garden. Here are some pictures of plants in my yard and a flower I got at the farmers market. I also have been playing around with making my own stitch markers. I love the ones Carrie gave me, but I need more. The ones pictured are from cheap Wal-Mart beads, just to see if I liked doing it. I do! This weekend I went to JoAnne’s and picked up some more supplies, hopefully I’ll have some time to put some more together.

Purple mosaic

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  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I really like your purple pictures! The stitch markers are wonderful.