Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Project Spectrum

It is amazing how buying a house can immediately suck up all your free time! I think what has really thrown me off is the change in my routine. I am a creature of habit, throw something new into the mix, say a house, and it throws off my entire life! There has been no running and very little knitting going on in the past few weeks. Hopefully I can get some running in by the end of this week.

I had so much fun at the women's retreat. It was great to see mom and I was able to come back home refreshed and ready to work! So last Saturday I painted the living room, hallway, entry and stairwell of the new house. Nine hours of painting!! I was so sore Sunday morning. But it looks great and I am so happy with the color. I was a little scared because I'm not very good with combining colors, and my husband has strong opinions on how things should look, which is good because he keeps me from royally screwing things up, but we have to somehow arrive at a compromise. This weekend I will be painting the kitchen and my husband will be painting the bedroom. I can't wait to see how it all looks together.

So with all this free time on my hands I decided to join a create-a-long, Project Spectrum. I think what sucked me in was that I have the PERFECT project for March, if I can just find the time to do it! On Carrie's advice I visited Quilt Cove, which has a beautiful selection of fabrics, (Thanks Carrie!) to find the fabric for the Circular Needle Cases I want to make. I want to use one of these red fabrics for my March project, but I can't decide which one! What do you think?


I also picked up these purple fabrics and a green one I just could not resist to make the second case. I felt kind of silly buying 5 pieces of fabric for just two cases, but I couldn't decide in the store on which ones to use.

purple Green

Which one do you think I should use for the second case?


  1. Green and the right hadn purple. My favorite color combo.

  2. I like both the reds but the one on the left would maybe be a better choice because it's a smaller print, since the needle case isn't large.

    I like the green one for the 2nd needle case.

    Good luck with the move!

  3. I would agree with Carrie - I like the right hand red fabric, but if the needle case isn't big enough to show that big starburst, you lose some of its charm.

    I like all the fabrics, but if I had to choose one for the second, I'd go with the left hand purple.

    Good luck!